Friday, September 5, 2008

33 weeks and counting!

I'm not gonna lie! I'm becoming impatient. My wife's pregnancy flew by until about...mmm...lets say 22 weeks (about the time the sex was determined). We're only 4-7 weeks (if we're assuming a term pregnancy) away...yet it feels like an eternity. Baby's room is complete...bags are packed...all we need now is baby! But what happens next? Will I become used to the frequent feeds, sleepless nights and prolonged crying! Sure! Will I like it...probably not! Does anyone? It's a rite of passage I'm excited to make! Finally I'll be able to experience the pain and misery (and excitement of course) that all my parents experience. I'll be able to finally say..."from my experience....blah blah blah,"...instead of "well...according to text book blah blah blah." to bed now! Can one bank sleep?

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